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microsoft sql performance consultancy services

Our engineering expertise with SQL Server allows us to identify where database performance issues lie. As your database grows it's common to find that tables and queries stop performing as well as you need. 

We can identify where architecture issues are slowing you down, where badly constructed indexes are causing problems and where queries and Store Procedure Calls need optimised. 

 +44 (0) 1786 430076

What we will do

  • Identify where database performance issues lie.
  • Restructure tables and indexes to accelerate database systems.
  • Introduce and streamline Stored Procedure Calls to rapidly address speed concerns.
  • Analyse logging to ensure the correct data is being logged.
  • Asses if LINQ is creating problems within your database system.
  • Rewrite LINQ as queries and SPCs as required.

We are pragmatic in our approach, we know that starting all over again is seldom an option, and because of that we find ways to help you without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We can identify strategies to introduce database performance improvements even if they are of a widespread and architectural nature. That keeps your system up, and your costs managed.

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We are located to easily service Edinburgh, Glasgow and all regions across the central belt of Scotland.