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Business intranet development services

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Every business intranet has it's own set of unique requirements, but there is often a core number of features that come up time and again. 

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We have developed a significant number of intranet systems for clients. Our intranet development activities normally use the Microsoft stack and ASP.Net technologies, and we have developed intranet systems that use SharePoint.

Here are a few of the functions that we find are common across many intranet systems.

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Document management

  • Store documents on your intranet system quickly and easily to ensure that your team get access to the latest information with no fuss.
  • Control access rights and privileges within your growing Knowledge Base to ensure that the right information gets found by the right people.
  • Provide powerful search and drill down facilities to speed up the process of finding that vital piece of information when a customer calls or a management meeting beckons.

Staff profiles

  • Provide each member of the team with the ability to create their own business profile.
  • Ensure that staff can be contacted effectively using instant messenger techniques.
  • Give access to reporting structures.


  • Keep your team up to date with the latest news in your business easily and effectively.
  • Share the good news about sales, expansion and new markets.
  • Filter news based on role within the organisation.

Workflow management

  • Streamline your work processes to reduce costs and save time.
  • Automate routine tasks such as authorising holiday requests or approving expenses.
  • Use simple workflow logic to raise, approve and close any manner of business tasks.

Enquiry tracking

  • Give your team the 360 degree visibility they need to track enquiries regardless of their source.
  • Assign tasks to specific members of the team to ensure that a lead never gets dropped again.
  • Track each enquiry easily to ensure that your business maximises the income from your marketing spend.