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Microsoft Azure consultancy and development services

azure consultancy services

Microsoft Azure, at its simplest, is a public platform designed to host applications. Experienced in .NET we see Azure as a very sensible choice for businesses making their move to the cloud. 

Experienced in the art of developing scalable cloud based applications we will ensure that you are able to exploit the Azure platform, and to harness all the power and convenience that Azure has to offer. 

 +44 (0) 1786 430076

Azure's application capabilities

  • Web Apps supports a range of programming languages from .NET to PHP making it the ideal cloud platform regardless of the desired target language.
  • Logic Apps supports the automation of business processes and has a pedigree that can be traced back to Microsoft's BizTalk service.
  • Mobile Apps is aimed at providing the back-end for mobile applications.
  • API Apps is provided for creating and connecting to cloud APIs.

Azure's SQL benefits

  • Automatically tunes performance and reliability.
  • Allows scaling without downtime.
  • Allows you to manage multi-tenant apps.