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Shopify integration


Shopify is a powerful shopping cart and content management system ideal for retailers of all sizes, it makes selling online simpler than ever.

It provides a range of powerful features to make building, maintaining and optimising your online shop as straightforward as possible.

Objective Associates have integrated many systems with Shopify and are well placed to help you get started with Shopify. With significant Shopify skills it can be integrated with all of your business systems and other sales channels.

Shopify marketplace management integrations have been carried out many times with Seller Dynamics, the company's marketplace management software system.

Why not call us today to discuss your exact needs on 01786 430076. Or visit our Shopify Integration pages on our Seller Dynamics site.

We work with clients across the UK, but are locally placed to service Shopify requirements in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland.

 +44 (0) 1786 430076

Shopify features

  • A range of extensive and attractive themes.
  • Easy to customise your own store front.
  • Search Engine friendly.
  • Comprehensive dashboard and business reporting.
  • Provides full mobile e-commerce.
  • Multiple payment gateway support.

Shopify skills

  • Set up and commissioning of your Shopify store.
  • Shopify marketplace integration - seamlessly integrate with the applications you need.
  • Automatically update your Shopify information from your business systems.
  • Shopify management and maintenance.
  • Advice on Shopify Apps and extensions.

Shopify Web Developers

Looking for a Shopify software partner to develop your Shopify online store can seem difficult, but we have many success stories.

At Objective Associates our technical expertise with the Shopify platform is easily demonstrated. We are the team behind Seller Dynamics, marketplace management software that integrates directly with Shopify.

The integration says it all; we are able to update Shopify products, stock and prices from the central Seller Dynamics platform; proving our expertise by doing!

With Objective Associates you can be assured our web designers, web developers and software engineers are all highly capable when it comes to developing Shopify websites, integrations and applications.

Shopify Theme Customisation

Getting started with Shopify is easy, and creating an attractive ecommerce website is made simple thanks to the large number of sector specific themes that are available.

Many of the Shopify themes are free, giving you great scope to create a great looking online shopping experience.

But thanks to the open nature of the Shopify platform many third party companies offer Shopify themes for a reasonably modest cost.

Whether you are selling Baby Clothes or electronics, you are bound to find a Shopify theme that is great looking and affordable - maybe even free.

The Shopify User Experience

The Shopify experience for users and admins is amongst the best we've seen when it comes to an ecommerce platform.

From an admin perspective you can easily analyse your online shoppers, based on a range of characteristics such as spend or location.

And when it comes to users using your Shopify store on a mobile platform, Shopify have delivered an ecommerce platform that is fully responsive and second to none.

Shopify Experts

Shopify have created a highly flexible and open platform, making it ideal for ongoing ecommerce development.

That means there are a great many Shopify experts that you can gain access to. From logo designers to Shopify integration and Shopify App developers; you'll never be stuck when finding a Shopify expert.

That ensures you can use and extend Shopify with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you can always find help.

Ecommerce development

Developing you ecommerce business doesn't have to be simply about having one online store using Shopify.

If you are able to access the right suppliers and the right stock then there is nothing to stop you developing more than one online store.

Shopify makes online search engine optimisation easy, meaning you could develop multiple brands if you so desired. Each with their own Shopify website.

And of course there are the online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, both of which can be connected to your Shopify store.

Wherever your customers experience is enjoyed - own site, Amazon, eBay and so on - Shopify gives you options to manage things.

And we've enhanced that further by connecting Seller Dynamics to Shopify to control and conduct your whole operation.

Control the stock levels of linked product, update product information from a central location, and see your Shopify's Sales soar.

Shopify Integration

Shopify offer an ecommerce API to allow third party systems to sgare data.

Seller Dynamics is such an example. From within Seller Dynamics you can update your Shopify webstore and manage your Shopify orders.

With Seller Dynamics all your product listings can all be controlled  from the one place.

That means you can edit product information and Seller Dynamics will send your product listings to Shopify and to eBay and other marketplaces.

That means from a single screen you can manage multiple Amazons, eBays, Fnac and other global marketplaces as well as your own online Shopify stores. Managing multiple product listings, product variant information and stock photos becomes achievable.

When you integrate your Shopify account, using Seller Dynamics, you'll benefit from accurate stock levels, regardless of where you sell. At last you have a way to update product price, and stock levels - marketing automation has never been so useful.

Shopify App Store

The Shopify App Store is a great place to get inspiration on how you could expand your online business.

The Shopify App Store is filled up by approved third party Shopify App developers who have developed add ons to make your business more efficient.

Feedback Management is a typical example of a feature that is popular in the store.

Shopify Discount Codes

From a marketing perspective Shopify give you a great many features.

Of these the Discount Code facility is particularly useful.

This lets you set up time limited offers, based on percentage or actual values. And gives you an easy to set up online marketing advantage.

Shopify Support

Shopify include support by email, by phone and online chat. But support doesn't stop there.

Because there are so many third party developers you are never far away from someone being able to help.

With so many theme Shopify designers and Shopify App developers it's easy to get the Shopify expert you need.

Shopify Prices

Shopify is priced to give you a great return on investment.

Depending on your Shopify subscription level you can spend a few tens of pounds or a few hundred per month.

Perhaps the only area to look closely at is the commission rate. Shopify charges a fee based on your sales, though you can reduce the impact of this a little by using Shopify Payments.