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Microsoft Sharepoint consultancy and development | Glasgow | Edinburgh | Scotland

sharepoint consultancy services

Harness the full power of Sharepoint from Microsoft to ensure your business has the systems and processes in place to grow and flourish. 

Allow us to help you adopt or improve your use of the powerful collaborative platform by calling our software development team based in Stirling on 01786 430076.

Our location means we are the ideal Sharepoint development and Sharepoint consultancy resource for Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland businesses.

With our expertise in the integration of Microsoft applications and online systems we will ensure that your organisation can gain maximum productivity benefits from Microsoft Sharepoint.

 +44 (0) 1786 430076

Sharepoint benefits

  • Allows the Enterprise Management of your internet, intranet and extranet applications.
  • Validates your user entered data using online forms that check data as it is entered.
  • Ensures your database information is kept free from error.
  • Controls the management, storage and auditing rights of your content.
  • Ensures your data, documents and information are safely controlled at all times.
  • Presents your key Business Intelligence in easily understood reports & spreadsheets.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Uses powerful search facilities to retrieve the information you and your team need.
  • Helps you create and time manage content for internal and external publishing.
  • Provides ready made workflows to let you carry out common business tasks easily.

The way our Sharepoint Consultancy works

  • Discuss with you what you want to achieve with your Sharepoint intranet system.
  • Produce a short, to the point, proposal that outlines key deliverables and timeframes.
  • Work with you and your team to meet agreed milestones for functionality and content.
  • Handover and go live with workshop type training as required.