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Our UK team of Amazon Consultants will fix your Amazon listing, search, suspension or Vendor Central challenges fast. We have significant expertise in improving sales for Amazon sellers and in dealing with suspensions.

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With an estimated 50% of sales on Amazon coming from third party sellers, the 13 country specific Amazon sites give retailers easy access to a marketplace that is growing at around 30% per annum. 


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Objective Associates are the professional services arm of Seller Dynamics, the cloud based marketplace management system, and we provide a range of Amazon consultancy services to help support Amazon marketplace retailers.

If you are an online seller then we can show you how to list effectively on Amazon from your Amazon Seller Central account.

From winning the Buy Box, to how to set up Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, we are the expert Amazon consultants you have been looking for to grow your Amazon business.

We can advise when it's right to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), and the benefits that FBA can bring to your Amazon selling performance. Whatever your Amazon  requirements we are the ideal Amazon Seller Consultant for third party sellers on Amazon.

As a new manufacturer and start up we knew that Amazon was going to be an important sales channel for us. The problem was where to start!? Scottish Enterprise recommended we contact a company called Seller Dynamics in Stirling.

It was one of the most productive things we have done so far. It was as if we had our hands positively held through the Amazon set up process.

We now have daily sales coming in through Amazon and Seller Dynamics keeping an eye over our activity to ensure optimal exposure and sales growth.

I would have no hesitation recommending Seller Dynamics for a start up - or established company.

Graeme L. Smith Founder & Director, Squat Easy

If you are looking for an Amazon SEO expert then give our UK Amazon consultancy a call today on 01786 430076 to discuss how we can help you maximise your Amazon sales and margins across all the Amazon country specific sites. You'll find our Amazon Search Engine Optimization skills ensure you are sellling products like never before.

Find out fast how we can improve your Amazon listings, Amazon Sales Rank and your Amazon product visibility with our UK based Amazon listing consultancy services.

With your granted access we work with your Amazon Account to enhance your product pages. Our clients say we are a breeze to work with! Improving your product descriptions and increasing sales on Amazon is simpler than you think.

We found Amazon a confusing place to list our products so went to Seller Dynamics for their help.

They have been a breeze to work with.

Their detailed report made sense and we put everything into practice very easily and are now enjoying watching our items sell on Amazon!

The customer service following the report has been fantastic too.

Would highly recommend.

Melanie Auld Owner, Spice Pots

UK based Amazon marketplace consultant services

  • We are a UK team of Amazon consultants who have the expertise to increase your sales on Amazon fast.
    We provide Amazon listing advice and implementation services
    to increase your Amazon Sales Rank, improve your Amazon Products visibility and revolutionise your Amazon conversions.
  • We ensure your success on Amazon, boosting your organic rankings thanks to the skills of our Amazon marketing consultants.

    Uniquely we not only provide marketplace product optimisation assistance we are also Amazon AWS developers, thats the sever and database technology behind the marketplace.

    Amazon listing advice, why is the Amazon category important,
    what can you do to maximise your sales. Call today to get introduced to a consultant who understands.
  • Amazon Vendor Central sales optimisation,
    to increase your sales through Amazon product listing optimisation.
  • Amazon EAN and UPC lookup for profitability analysis reporting,
    ensuring you know that items will sell well.
  • Amazon search optimisation is key when it comes to great Amazon sales,
    we can create great optimised Amazon titles and descriptions.
  • Amazon FBA advice: we can talk you through the Fulfillment By Amazon process and make it all painless.
    The Amazon Carrier Appointment Request Portal (CARP),
    may sound daunting to you, so get in touch and we'll sort things out for you.
  • Amazon suspension consultancy to get your suspension lifted fast.
  • Amazon repricing strategy to ensure that you never lose sales
    to your  competitors, and to make your Amazon Store more profitable than ever.
  • We even offer Amazon set up and configuration support when the Amazon account setup seems too complicated.
  • And if the products launched by you on Amazon need a boost we can help with a little digital marketing using Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Amazon help from experts

Call our UK team on 01786 430076 or fill in our enquiry form.

How can I win the Amazon Buy Box?

Winning the buy box requires care, attention and great customer service.

As an Amazon Expert, UK based, business we can advise on all of those areas.

Winning the Buy Box is not just about price, you'll need a great selling history, and great customer service.

You need to be aware that winning the Buy Box sometimes requires you to be using FBA, and you need to show stock availability is great.

That means you need the best in inventory management.

We can help with all of that, and you can get access to the Amazon FBA expert you need focussed on increasing sales for your Amazon Business.

How can I optimise my listings for Amazon search?

Amazon SEO, or Amazon Search Engine Optimisation is what you need to find out about in order to optimise listings and improve your product listing.

To optimise listings on Amazon you need to:

Optimise The Title so that it contains Brand and key product terms;

Optimise The Description so that it has strong sales copy and uses bullets to emphasise its strengths;

Use all the characters you can in the keywords area (there is no need to repeat words).

And don't forget to ensure images are on white backgrounds and 1000px wide to allow zooming.

How do keywords work on Amazon?

The keyword area of an Amazon listing consists of 250 characters.

Unlike keywords for a website you do not repeat words within search phrases.

Instead Amazon will match search phrases to the multiple keywords you enter.

Are bullet lists important when creating an Amazon listing?


A well constructed bullet list of product strengths and features will improve your listing quality.

Each bullet should be a short phrase or sentence and you should spend time refining each of your several bullets as these draw the eye of the potential customer.

Can you help me improve my Amazon sales?


We have a number of services we can provide.

We can add new products for you, edit existing products, move your listings from eBay to Amazon, manage your Amazon PPC campaigns, improve your visibility on Amazon.

And as the team behind Seller Dynamics we can also automate your processes including pricing, stock and orders.

Where are you based?

We are based in the UK.

But our UK Amazon Consultants are here to help you build your business on all the Amazon marketplaces - wherever you have ambition.

Our UK Amazon Consultants work alongside the Seller Dynamics team and the AWS Amazon development teams, ensuring you are dealing with leading experts when it comes to the Amazon world.

Can I change the title of an Amazon catalogue item?

Yes, but not on every item.

It can be difficult to edit the content of an Amazon Product Listing.

In many cases Amazon will only allow the seller who registered the product via Brand Registry to edit the item.

And in other cases they will favour the most successful seller.

This is a challenging activity and an Amazon SEO expert will be able to assist you if an Amazon Product Listing is not performing well enough.

How do I get listed in a restricted category on Amazon?

Categories on Amazon are very important.

You will have to request permission from Amazon via Seller Central for certain gated categories.

Do not list in the wrong category in an attempt to get around the restriction it will not result in successful sales.

Can you help me use FBA to sell my items?


We understand that there is a lot of preparation in setting up FBA and we know that many retailers are busy enough already.

We can help with registration and inventory management.

Do I have to send pallets of items if I use Amazon FBA?

No. Sending a pallet is just one option.

A small box of items can be sent instead. And the items can be as varied as you like.

Our Amazon FBA experts can keep you right if you are new to FBA.

Can you help me remove my Amazon suspension?


We understand what Amazon require from retailers and what they need to be confident that the suspension can be lifted.

We can advise you of what you need to do to ensure that the Amazon suspension does not get repeated.

Is it possible to find out what are the best keywords to use on Amazon for PPC?

It is, but you'll need to do research.

Google Adwords will give you an indication of keyword volume, but Amazon Sponsored listings don't.

Instead you will need to research likely keywords using Amazon's Automated Campaign and to monitor the results, you can also use third party tools to suggest additional keywords.

And of course Google Adword tools and Google Trends can also be used to help suggest keywords.

It's an area our Amazon experts are particularly skilled in.

Can you help with advertising on Amazon?

Yes, we can find the best keywords and create campaigns.

Amazon Sponsored Ads (Amazon PPC) can be a good way to create new sales and establish brand.

What different sort of advert types are there on Amazon?

Sponsored Product Listings are the most common adverts, advertising via AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) is gated but provides Banner Headline adverts and adverts directly below the Add to Basket area.

We can offer help with Sponsored Ads, and ensure that your Product Ads are properly set up to maximise your sales.

Can you help manage Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns?

Yes, and we will discuss with you what the aims are.

Perhaps you want to establish early sales, to help improve your sales rank, or to find out quickly what keywords are the most effective to help optimise your organic listing.

I don't understand what Amazon want me to do to fix my suspension, can you help?


We understand that sometimes it's hard to understand what Amazon want from you.

And we are also aware that it can be a time consuming process.

Can you help me get VAT registered in the various countries I sell on Amazon?

No, we are not tax experts. But we can suggest VAT consultants to help if required.

When do I have to register for VAT when I sell on Amazon?

If you sell more into a country than the local VAT threshold is then you will have to register to pay VAT related to those sales locally.

If you are fulfilling in a country using FBA from within that country then again you will have to register for VAT locally.

Consult a VAT expert for guidance.

Can you help me improve my sales through Vendor Central?


We have found that not all the listings on Vendor Central are as optimised as they could be.

We can help improve the Amazon SEO score even for your items sold through Vendor Central.

Can you help me register my products with Amazon's Brand Registry?

Yes, it can be a frustrating process and we are happy to help.

Amazon Brand Registry has been re-invented (early 2018) so now is the ideal time to get the Amazon expert you need involved.

What are worst items to promote on Amazon using PPC?

Items with lots of variations are not ideal.

Clothing is particularly bad, as shoppers are more likely to be in browse mode rather than buy now mode.

So you might want to avoid Sponsored Ads in those sort of areas.

Can you help develop my Amazon Strategies?


By working with you, we will find out where you need guidance.

For instance perhaps you require marketplace integrations for not just Amazon. We can explain  marketplace multichannel selling for instance.

And we can help you understand how to use Amazon FBA, Sponsored Product Ads (Pay Per Click), how to start using Amazon Business and how to become expert in Amazon SEO.

All of that will help with your Amazon conversion rates. 

Perhaps you have a member of your team, such as your ecommerce manager, who controls your Amazon Seller Central account.

If so we can work with them, and you, to fully develop your Amazon Strategies.

How can I establish sales for a new product on Amazon?

To establish sales you can opt to promote your new product using Sponsored Product Listings - Sponsored Product Ads (PPC).

As sales build this will help your organic listing climb the organic search listings.

It will also help you to do some initial keyword research, allowing you to understand what search terms are being used.

You can then use those to optimise your organic listing.

You might also want to consider selling the product at as low a price as you can to help initial sales.

Product sourcing will have taken you a considerable amount of time, so now you need to become expert in product management and to become an Amazon expert when it comes to Amazon Search Engine Optimisation and Amazon Sponsored Product Ads.

With the right Amazon expert to help, you can really establish new sales fast and grow your Amazon Business.

How can I research the best PPC keywords for advertising on Amazon?

To begin with it's worth using Amazon's Automated Campaign to get the first 10 or so keywords that Amazon customers are using.

Keyword research is important - so don't ignore it.

If you are using PPC within AMS you will get some idea of keyword popularity, but you will have to carry out keyword research using tools external to Amazon to generate a hundred or so keywords.

Keep a close eye on Click Through Rates, if they are poor then Amazon will drop the keyword and ultimately your campaign.

Talk to us about how we can help with your Product Ads.

How can I establish sales for a new product on Amazon?

To establish sales you can opt to promote your new product using Sponsored Product Listings.

As Amazon sales build this will help your organic listing climb the organic search listings.

It will also help you to understand what search terms are being used and you can use those to optimise your organic listing.

You might also want to consider selling the product at as low a price as you can to help initial sales (just for a little while).

That will establish rank and help introduce the product to Amazon's customer base.

What is Amazon AMS?

Amazon Marketing Services are available to retailers using Vendor Central (you are invited onto Vendor Central).

Unlike Sponsored Product Listings, AMS allows you to create Banner Headline Adverts as well as adverts that appear under the "Add to Basket" button.

Basically AMS is open to retailers who act, to a greater or lesser extent, as a wholesaler to Amazon.

How does Amazon AMS PPC differ from Product listing PPC?

AMS adverts are more prominent - they appear at the top of the screen and under the Add to Basket button.

They are linked to a Brand page not to an individual product.

Although the Click Through Rate may be higher the conversion rate may be lower due to the need for additional clicks by the customer.

How do I improve my order defect rate and my Amazon rating?

You need to look at all aspects of your fulfilment and customer service operations.

Don't oversell, answer questions quickly, resolve problems fast and don't squabble over refunds. Get any negative feedback as low as possible.

If you have an item that performs poorly with respect to customer satisfaction you should consider removing it.

It comes down to good product management in some cases, so when product sourcing make sure you think hard about quality and defect rates.

What can I do to win the Amazon Buy Box?

First you need to be a proven seller, with good stock levels and a good price.

Some categories oblige you to be using FBA in order to qualify for the Buy Box, such as Fast Moving Goods ie DVDs.

Can you help improve my customer feedback?

In some cases you may have feedback that is unjust or feedback that has been posted against you rather than the product.

In cases like that we can help remove negative feedback and assist with your reputation management.

We can also advise on soliciting feedback without breaching Amazon's rules regarding customer contact.

Is it permitted to incentivise customer feedback on Amazon?

NO! This has always been frowned upon and will now result in you being suspended.

Do not solicit positive feedback using any form of incentive.

How can I ensure that I do not oversell on Amazon?

If you are selling on multiple Amazons and multiple marketplaces you will need synchronisation software such as Seller Dynamics.

You should also consider reducing the stock level displayed on Amazon. That will give you a sales buffer, especially where items can move fast.

How can I sell on more than one Amazon portal?

When you sign up on Amazon UK the default setting will sign you up across all the European Amazons.

For other Amazons such as the USA you will need to register with them directly.

What can you do to help me optimise my listings on Amazon?

To optimse listings we can revise titles, description and keywords. In some cases Amazon may prevent this if they do not believe you have suitable authority to edit the Amazon Product Listing.

This is why you should be talking to Amazon experts like us, we can tell you what can be done to improve your Amazon listings and to make increasing sales possible.

Can you help me produce images that I can use on Amazon?

Yes, but we normally expect you to provide the source images that we then edit if required.

Can I use Amazon listings on eBay?

Not really. Amazon content belongs to Amazon and there is a risk that you will breach copyright.

Can you help me to manage stock levels on Amazon?


Seller Dynamics is our flag ship product for marketplace management and will synchronise stock across multiple marketplaces.

Can you help me to manage customer questions from Amazon?

Depending on the agreement between us we can handle "Where's my stuff type questions". Product queries are more likely best answered by you, initially at least.

Can I use Amazon FBA to fulfil non Amazon orders?

No reason why not, it just requires a little bit of organisational skill. If you need an FBA expert then look no further.

Can you help me remove my Amazon suspension?

Yes, where you have been suspended we can explain to you what is required to recover the situation and to talk to Amazon and provide a corrective solution.

What should I do to remove an Amazon suspension?

You need to review what Amazon are saying and put in place corrective actions that will ensure the same problem does not occur again.

You need to explain the corrective actions to Amazon and answer all of their questions fully.

If I am suspended from one Amazon marketplace will I get suspended from all of them?

No. However, if the same problem exists on other Amazon marketplaces then ultimately you will get suspended unless it is addressed.

You can have an Amazon Suspension removed, and we can help identify what went wrong and advise on how to approach Amazon.

However, sometimes it might not be possible to reverse an Amazon Suspension - they can be pretty tough if you messed up more than once.

Amazon help from experts

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