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With a team of skilled software engineers and database analysts, Objective Associates fulfill software development contracts and provide software contractor resources, from our base in Stirling, Scotland. That puts us in the ideal location to service software contract projects in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Our experienced software contractors can work as part as your team or we can deliver complete solutions remotely.

We are a bespoke software development company with an enviable pedigree, our team are skilled in all aspects of software development; from Cloud based systems using Amazon's AWS, to SQL Development, to embedded software development & ecommerce. We have produced countless software solutions for a wide range of demanding clients.

Working on fixed price projects or as a part of your team, our software contract services are flexible and ready to help you make your software projects happen today. If you are looking for a digital transformation in your organisation, you can rely on our custom software talents.

Call us on 01786 430076 to discuss your exact software contractor and software contract needs.

We design and build bespoke software systems for a range of clients, using great technology and with a highly experienced software team.

Software Contractors for Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland - the local solution for your software development contracts

  • A Software development company with local and talented software contractors for cloud, database, integration and embedded projects.
  • Working remotely from our Stirling office, or as part of your team whether that is Glasgow, Edinburgh or througout the central belt.
  • Microsoft .Net, AWS Development, SQL Optimisation are core skills for your custom software requirements.
  • AWS EC2, RDS, Lambda, & Kinesis contract development services for projects based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland projects.

Business to Business web based solutions for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Central Belt businesses

  • Systems that connect with your suppliers and partners.
  • Robust, reliable and scalable business system development using proven design and build skills.
  • Giving you the software solutions and software systems you need 24/7.
  • Providing your team with the custom software they need to work efficiently.

For all your software contract and software contractor needs, talk to us today - we service central Scotland and are ideally placed for Glasgow and Edinburgh based contracts.

Call us today to discuss how we can help realise your project fast - 01786 430076

Local contract software development services for embedded projects

  • Firmware development expertise from a skilled technology company.
  • Experienced in the design and development of embedded and small footprint systems.
  • Contract software support when you need it for extending existing applications.
  • Working within your team or remotely.

Contract Software development for integration projects

  • ecommerce connectors are a speciality.
  • Connect your business systems with Warehouse or suppliers.
  • Streamline data flow regardless of the existing technology.
  • Reduce your operating costs with a systemised approach.

For all your software contract and software contractor needs, talk to us today.

Let's discuss how we can help realise your project fast - 01786 430076

ecommerce software contractors

  • Providers of marketplace management system Seller Dynamics.
  • Integrate you business with all the leading global marketplaces.
  • Connect your business systems to Amazon and eBay.
  • Build the ecommerce platform your business deserves.

Contractors for SQL development and optimisation for Glasgow, Edinburgh and thoughout central Scotland

  • SQL Database design and development for Glasgow and Edinburgh contracts.
  • DBA contract services to ensure your database performs at its peak.
  • SQL migration services for moving to AWS.
  • AWS contract development resources for EC2 and RDS developments in Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland.

For your SQL and AWS software development and contractor needs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland talk to us today.

Make your project happen fast - 01786 430076

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Custom Software Development

Almost all companies have a requirement for a custom software solution. Many make do instead with off the shelf software solutions and work around the limitations of the software system they have purchased; not ideal.

For those companies with ambition, however, we are the custom software and technology company to work with. We will work with you to fully understand your business processes, your business ambition and the goals you are aiming for.

We design custom software for businesses of all types, delivering software solutions that fit with your direction and that can grow with. Often cloud based and using technology such as SQL Server, java, C# and AWS.

SQL Server Developers

SQL Server is at the core of almost all of the software systems we create for our clients. We are expert in getting the most from SQL, and with significant DBA skills we are well used to optimising business software systems to make them responsive regardless of the level of usage.

Optimising database schemas, Stored Procedure Calls and database Tables is a common theme in what we do for our clients. As SQL Server developers for many years we have seen many systems that have required intervention to get them to perform.

And we are able to develop database implementation strategies to ensure that your systems can be optimised without interrupting your normally daily business.

Technology Company

Technology is at the heart of what we do, but we never lose sight of the need for everything we do to be justified from a business and commercial viewpoint.

That's why when we begin looking at your software requirements we will look to develop a software system that can grow with your business. And where we see that an aspect of your requirements should be left until a first or second step has been fully proven then we'll advise you of that.

We don't want to build a software platform for you that is beyond your needs.

Bespoke Software Systems

Increasingly software systems live on the cloud, and as you would expect we are highly experienced in developing, deploying and maintaining cloud based software platforms and systems.

In particular we are particularly familiar with Amazon's AWS offering. A range of hosting and cloud based facilities which not only deliver great software functionality and capability, but also do so coast effectively.

Managing costs on the cloud is essential and AWS makes that as transparent as possible.


Need an experienced Software development team?

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Web and Mobile Design

Web and Mobile have really come together over the years, making it less and less of a requirement to design software specifically for mobile. Instead with the correct technology you can develop for both the web and for mobile at the same time.

That saves you time and money, and ensures that your software application can be maintained with much more ease than managing two separate software platforms.

Business Process Management Software

Well designed software systems ensure that your business processes are followed by all of your team. Making every step of your business repeatable, means that you can scale the business with confidence as you win more and more business.

Having a software systems developer who can ensure that your systems are reliable, robust and scalable is an essential component in driving your business.

Design and Build Expertise

When we design and build software systems, we ensure that we follow a trusted software development process. Requirement and Functional specifications are agreed with yourself, with software developed to agreed milestones.

And with an agile software development process your requirements are continually validated, allowing you to refine areas where requirements emerge.

Our software developments are tested and peer reviewed to ensure that the quality of our software is built in at every stage.

Web Development & Custom Software

We excel at custom software and web development work that embraces the needs of B2B. Systems that integrate with suppliers and customer software systems are a particular strength.

We have developed numberous APIs and data exchange systems, all done securely to protect all the parties involved.

From ecommerce software systems, to manufacturing software platforms, whatever your custome software requirement is we will be delighted to get involved.


Need an experienced Software development team?

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