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Marketplace support and consultancy


Marketplaces are fast becoming the preferred online shopping location for many shoppers around the world. As the company that brought marketplace management system Seller Dynamics to market, we have a significant knowledge that we can bring to bear to help retailers maximise the sales opportunity presented by Amazon, eBay and a wide range of other global marketplaces.

eBay consulting

eBay provide a highly profitable way for retailers to sell online with little, if any, risk. With around $78Bn USD of annual sales the global marketplace is growing month on month, making it a must have sales channel. Talk to our marketplace experts to find out how we can help you increase your sales.

Amazon consulting

With 11 Amazon marketplaces, and growing, the Amazon channel is responsible for an estimated 50% of third party trade to consumers. With an extensive catalogue of items many retailers can be selling within a day or two. And with our years of experience in growing retailer sales on Amazon we can help you to.

Fnac consulting

As one of the largest marketplaces in France, Fnac are an important marketplace for those retailers who already see sales in France on Amazon or eBay. Not only that but Fnac have valuable marketplaces in other countries including Portugal.

Rakuten consulting

With marketplaces around the globe, particularly in the Far East, Rakuten give access to markets that many retailers would find difficult to reach otherwise. For ambitious retailers with the right products, Rakuten can provide new sales to drive growth.

SKU Cloud consulting services


flubit consulting services

SKU Cloud & Flubit consulting

SKU Cloud & Flubit bring a unique offering to the marketplace world. They concentrate on offering deals to their visitors that are cheaper than Amazon. They do this with lower commission rates to their retailers allowing the retailer to pass that saving on to the customer.

SKU Cloud provide retailers with access to large digital publishers allowing retailers to gain significantly improved visibility resulting in improved sales.