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SKU Cloud & Flubit consultancy services

sku cloud consultancy services


flubit consultancy services

SKU Cloud is the revolutionary marketplace ecosystem that helps UK retailers grow sales via multiple online channels, including

Flubit is a ‘demand-driven’ marketplace where consumers can often get better prices on products they want to buy. One in three offers convert into a sale, and Flubit shoppers are more likely to come back with 60% of customers returning.

In addition to, SKU Cloud also powers online shopping for large digital businesses such as newspapers, banks & reward schemes. SKU Cloud pushes your products to these exciting channels, giving you additional reach to millions of online shoppers through one marketplace integration.

SKU Cloud doesn’t charge any fees, simply set a "Base Price" for every SKU in your feed and that’s the amount you receive for selling that SKU regardless of the price it is sold at.

As the professional services team behind Seller Dynamics, we have great insight into how to maximise the return from all the marketplace channels, including SKU Cloud & Flubit.

Give us a call on 01786 430076 to discuss how we can help you get started. Or visit the Seller Dynamics site to find out more about our SKU Cloud and Flubit listing, repricing and consultancy services.

SKU Cloud & Flubit services

  • Adding SKU Cloud & Flubit as marketplaces.
  • SKU Cloud & Flubit listing advice.
  • SKU Cloud & Flubit pricing strategy.