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Amazon listing optimisation improvements to increase your sales

If you are suffering from poor sales on Amazon, you don't need to; you can begin improving your sales today. it's all a question of Amazon search optimisation.

Amazon is a highly competitive environment. Multiple country sites, hundreds of thousands of sellers and billions of items, may make it competitive but also one of the most exciting retail opportunities ever. You need to find out what is stopping you from maximising your sales and benefiting from the global reach of Amazon.

Why are competitive products ranking better than you?

Why are your products not being shown in the search results?

Amazon listing and search result help

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Amazon listing and search result help

Amazon sales performance is all in the detail

In almost all cases poor sales on Amazon comes down to poor listing quality; for now we'll assume the product and your customer service are both terrific. 

Each listing is made up from only a handful of individual components; the more time and attention you give each of those areas, the better your sales will perform. The areas are obvious enough; Title, Description, Bullet Points, Images, Keywords, Category & Technical Specifics, 

With so few areas that make up a listing, if you miss any item out or take a short cut your listing will perform badly. But get them right and your sales will change for the better overnight.


Why your sales are poor on Amazon and how you can increase them

The Amazon title is where it all starts so give it the attention it deserves

Take a step back and look at your titles. Be confident that they actually say what the product is. Amazon title optimisation needs a little care and attention.

You are limited for space (200 characters) and that means you have to think hard - a good title will feature: Brand Name, Product Title, Main feature, & Main Item Specifics such as size and colour. Ideally include your main keywords, to double up on the chances of the Amazon search algorithm finding it.

Look at competitive products, and study how they use the title. You want to be associated with similar products in order that the customer can decide between you and them, so use your top competitors to learn what is working. 

The description is where you sell your item, but it matters for Amazon optimisation as well

The Description needs work. You have to convey the benefits of the product, and you must convey it's strengths clearly. 

You can begin by thinking about the buyer; is it for old or young, male or female, mum or dad, son or daughter. That will help you consider what they want it for and how they are going to use it. Always think about the customer, it is them that you are talking to.

If it's likely to be a gift consider the language you should use to encourage the gift buyer. Encourage them to believe that this is the perfect present for their loved one.

But most of all consider; who uses it, why do they use it, what's it made from and why is it better than other similar items they may be thinking about. Consider each area and promote positive reasons to engage the customer. 

And when you write your copy remember to use the keywords as best you can and to reuse the title phrases to ensure that Amazon's search will find you.


The importance of bullet points when optimising an Amazon listing

The Bullet Point area is one of the most important areas in your listing. It is where the eye scans to and it is there that you should distill the features and benefits. Each bullet can be 255 characters in length, so you have lots of scope.

If you created a list of features and benefits during the creation of the description then that is what to use as your guide to creating your bullets.

Customers spend only seconds scanning a listing and bullet points take up a big proportion of that time.

Keywords are key when it comes to Amazon search optimisation

There are 255 characters available for keywords and these are important in influencing Amazon's search.

Unlike conventional keywords on a website, the keywords in Amazon don't need to be repeated. Amazon is able to make sense of your keywords based on it's understanding of the product description. 

If you are selling a sponge then the keywords might be: sponge, big, yellow, car, kitchen, window, bath. Amazon will join the dots for you. 

You can research likely keywords using Amazon's auto search completion or even the Google search services. But you can also look at the keyword report if you use Amazon Sponsored Listings, these will help you refine your keyword list.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Your items should be on a white background and good quality. Ideally go for 1000px to ensure that customers can zoom in easily.

Avoid any overlays or logos, those will be rejected.

Show the whole item from different angles and provide additional close up shots of specific details.

Being in the correct category with improve your Amazon position

If your competitors products are not in the same category as you then you'll need to find out why. You may have listed in an incorrect category and that will damage the search results.

The best way to choose the correct category is to look at a range of competitive products. Some categories are not terribly obvious, and the easiest way to find the correct one is by studying similar products.

Choosing the correct category will also ensure that you can provide relevant Technical Details.

Don't attempt to list a gated item in a non gated category to avoid the rules, that will not work and will simply backfire on you.

Technical information and specifics matter on Amazon for optimisation

Filling in the Technical Information area provides essential information to the customer and re-assures them that they have found the item they have been looking for. 

The Technical area is also used to compare products in a comparison grid at the bottom of the Amazon screen. If you miss out information then the customer will not be able to compare your product's details against the competitive offerings. If that happens they are likely to go with the product that has been fully defined, not yours.

Don't try and take a short cut, go the last mile and your sales and your sales rank will improve.

Improve your Amazon product optimisation
& search results fast

Moving your listing up and your sales up even further

Improving your listing requires a little diligence and a little hard work, Amazon search optimisation just requires some diligence and some care:

1. Review your Amazon Titles for optimal behavious, and check that they are they really fit for purpose. Make sure they really make it clear what the item is. Compare your titles against your competitors to find out what is working for them. 

2. Put the effort into the Amazon Description and Technical areas. These are where you need to sell the item and where customers will compare your product features against your competition. Make sure you fill in the keyword area and reflect those keywords in the description area and title.

The Bullet Points are where people will scan to, so make sure you use them well and have the great features and benefits fully detailed.

And of course you'll need great, clear images.

3. Check your Amazon category by looking at the competition. As your Amazon listing quality improves you'll want to watch the sales rank and the category sales rank to monitor progress.

Always keep notes of what you have been doing, especially if you are carrying out A/B testing over the period of a few weeks. After you have fully reviewed and revised your listing, it is best to only change one thing at a time in order that you can reach a sensible view on whether or not that change was positive.

Amazon listing and search result help



Take the first step in fixing your Amazon sales problems

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