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Database Sharding Services & Sharding Consultancy for Scotland

When you developed your business database you didn't think it would ever get this big. Did you?

And now the server is creaking and it's time to move on from a single server, or a group of servers that don't really work in unison.

When that moment arrives it's time to look at your options. And Database Sharding is likely to be the one you'll settle on. But where can you get the expert Sharding design assistance and Sharding implementation support that you need?

How do you analyse your database to arrive at a Sharding strategy?

How can you rewrite the Stored Procedure Calls and Queries when you need to introduce Sharding?

How can you test and be confident that your Sharding changes will work?

How can you migrate to your new Sharded environment without risk?

How can you be sure that Sharding will give you the performance improvement that you need?

How can you administer your Sharded environment once live?

Call us on 01786 430076 to find out where our Sharding experts can help. We've been there before and we can help you overcome your Sharding anxieties and difficulties.

 +44 (0) 1786 430076

What we will do

  • Analyse your database architecture.
  • Arrive at a new architecture that meets the scaling challenge.
  • Develop a stratgey and a plan to introduce the sharding changes without risk.
  • Create test plans to remove the biggest areas of concern.
  • Plan the migration to the sharded environment.
  • Develop administration systems to manage the new sharded environment.

Database Sharding implementation requires past expertise, knowledge, diligence and attention to detail; so call our Sharding experts to find out how we can help, 01786 430076. We'll identify the Sharding strategies that are right for your business.

Our Sharding Contractors & Consultants are based in Stirling, Scotland and service Glasgow, Edinburgh & Central Scotland. Giving you a local team of Database Sharding experts locally, when you need them, for as long as you need them.