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AWS cost management services. How much does AWS cost?

aws cost management services

It can be daunting when you first move to an AWS hosted environment. There is so much to specify, so much to consider and a whole new language to learn. And if that wasn't enough you also have to be sure you are not overspending.

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Objective Associates are a team of UK based AWS consultants highly experienced in the specification and costing of AWS systems. If you have concerns on specifying and costing your AWS cloud solution we'd like to help.

Call us at our Stirling, Scotland office, on 01786 430076 to discuss your exact AWS needs and we'll be happy to draw up a cost effective solution for you.

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How much does AWS Cost?

  • You can use the Amazon AWS Calculator to find out an estimate of your costs. Simple to use, but you need to know what the specification is you require.
  • Start with specifying the region.
  • Then move through the various services: EC2, RDS etc and spec them up. Remember to save each one as you go.
  • You'll need to select the desired operating system with each database instance: Windows Std SQL, Linux etc.
  • Simple to use, but a lot to consider, and a lot to potentially get wrong.

How do I choose the EC2 instance type that's right for me?

  • You'll have to roll your sleeves up and dive into the detail.
  • Importantly the AWS model allows you to add capacity when you need it; so there is no need to over specify things when you start.
  • Amazon suggest instance types based on use case types; pick a use type that is along the lines of your application to make a start.
  • Some instance types favour memory, others CPU power.

Control your AWS Costs.

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Where can I overspend with AWS?

  • You can overspend everywhere; so you need to monitor usage and compare against other instance type costs.
  • You must consider the pricing options: you have 4 to choose from.
  • On demand - a simple pay as you go model. You'll likely have this as a core element in your system.
  • Spot Instances - bid for capacity, an interesting way to process data only when you choose to afford it.
  • Reserved Instances - contract type arrangement, so this can be a way to reduce long term costs.
  • Dedicated Hosts - purchase a server.

How can you help me manage my AWS costs?

  • We'll draw up an initial requirements spec.
  • Outline the various instance options to meet that spec and provide cost estimations.
  • Monitor the usage of the system and review and adjust instance types.
  • Advise on the best price options - on demand v reserved instances etc.

Control your AWS Costs.

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