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Objective Associates - a bespoke software development company in Scotland, with a range of Amazon and AWS consultancy services.


As a bespoke software development company we specialise in building scalable and robust software systems, typically using the range of Microsoft Stack technologies, notably .NET and SQL. We are also providers of AWS based solutions. In particular we build advanced e-commerce and B2B systems that deliver reliability & ease of use combined with the capability to connect and integrate with other business systems.

Our skills and interests normally see us building B2B type solutions that are cloud hosted and which provide a core platform for our clients to build their businesses upon. Our skills are significant when it comes to ASP.NET, the Microsoft Stack, SQL and in AWS development services. We also offer embedded software development services.

Marketplace consulting

We provide the expertise you need to grow your online marketplace business. Get the help you need to grow your eBay, Amazon, and other marketplace sales.

e-commerce consulting

When you need reliable, proven, development of your ecommerce platform and online shop we are here to help. 

Database development

With SQL at the heart of what we do, we have the SQL development expertise to help you architect, maintain and improve your mission critical systems.

Cloud consultancy

Take advantage of scalable cloud solutions with a team of AWS development consultants who have the skills to guide you through the challenges. 

Integration services

From Sharepoint to Microsoft.NET development we can ensure all your software integration and development requirements are met.

A Brief History

Objective Associates was formed in 2002 as a bespoke software development company based in Scotland. The majority of the team have previously worked together in the demanding world of automated banking. The skills and approach developed in that world have been successfully moved into other realms.

In 2011 the company embarked on developing Seller Dynamics, a marketplace management system to drive the sales of retailers selling on the global marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. It was apparent that the marketplaces presented an exciting sales opportunity to retailers but that the demands of the sector required a specialist software solution.

We now offer Seller Dynamics, as well as Amazon product listing optimisation consultancy services. And we also offer development services to businesses looking to move to the cloud utilising Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.