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There is no point having the data if you can't see what it means.

"Data is the new oil" is a 2006 quote attributed to Clive Humby a mathematician with an enviable career in data science. It's a popular quote but the part that goes largely unreported is that he went on to explain that, just like oil, unless you refine the data it is of little value.

Microsoft Power BI gives you your own data refinery, allowing you to extract, examine and understand the data that your organistion owns.

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Microsoft Power BI at a glance

  • Connect to multiple types of data source.
  • Adjust that data easily by refining it with filters and queries.
  • Create reports and dashboards with a range of intuitive and intelligent controls.
  • Use the desktop interface for free or share your dashboards and reports for a modest monthly fee per user.

Why do you need Objective Associates?

  • Power Bi is genuinely powerful and a pleasure to use, but you still need to understand the data structures you are examining.
  • We'll work with you to understand what you need to extract from your data and build the reports and dashboards you need.
  • We'll study the data you hold and suggest reports that you may not know were even possible to produce.

Microsoft Power BI gives you the flexible reporting system you need to stay on top of your growing data.

Get in contact today to discuss how we can help.

How do I get started?

Microsoft have made it very easy to get started using Power BI. The desktop application is downloadable from the site and simple to install.

There are lots of online tutotials, but the most important getting started fact is that the desktop version is free to use.

Is Power BI difficult to use?

Power BI is very straightfoward to use, and has a very familiar loooking interface which ensures you can experiment and try things.

The biggest challenge is deciding on what you want to do with your data, there are so many options that deciding what to do can become a distraction from getting the job done.

Can I share reports and dashboards?

If you want to share your reports around then you can print them to PDFs - but if you really want to share your Power BI work then you'll need to subscribe.

The licensing model is a monthly fee per user, at time of writing around £10 per month per user.

What does Power BI connect to?

Power BI will connect to pretty much anything, giving you access to your data wherever it is held.

That means Excel, SQL & MySQL are covered as well as other more surprising options such as Quickbooks and Mailchimp.

Can I show data on a map?

Annotating maps with data is very simple. All you need do is add a map to your report and select the fields you want to show on it. Power BI can figure out from your data what the location information is.

If you have other items such as graphs on your report then as you drill down into the data the map will update itself in sync with your actions.


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Is Power BI mobile friendly?

Power Bi has two layout modes, swiching to the mobile layout option allows you to rearrange your report or dashboard for the mobile world.

Modifying your report to make it mobile is very easy to do, allowing you to reduce the amount of information you are reporting or altering the layout as you see fit.

Ask Power BI a question

Power BI boasts an AI capability which means it can figure out the type of questions you might want to ask of the data.

It's a very interesting feature and can help generate ideas on what innformation your users might be looking for.


Microsoft consultants and developers

If you need help in analysing your data or in building the reports and dashboards your business needs then we'd like to help. Power BI is a great tool and can let you get results very quickly. You might find though that you are not sure how to get to the data you want to extract, or how to best display it. That's where we come in.

Our team of consultants and developers are here to help you make the most of your data.

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Extract, examine and understand with Microsoft Power BI.

Talk to our consultants today to discuss your exact requirements.