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If you are looking to scale your business systems across the web, then the compute power, data storage and content delivery of AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the ideal solution.

We are a team of UK based AWS developers experienced in AWS development for the Amazon Cloud. To talk to us about our AWS Development services call us at our Stirling, Scotland office, on 01786 430076 to discuss your exact AWS development needs.

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AWS Developers - AWS Development Services

  • Experienced team of AWS developers.
  • Skilled in AWS architecture and AWS design principles.
  • AWS migration and AWS systems development.
  • AWS RDS, Lambda, & Kinesis consultants and development services.

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

  • Provides resizable computing capacity.
  • Designed to make cloud computing easier for all.
  • Allows the creation of new server instances in just minutes.
  • Only pay for the computing power you use.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

  • Secure, scalable cloud storage.
  • Web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data.
  • Ideal for cloud applications.
  • Use for backup, recovery and archive.


  • On demand relational database.
  • Fully hosted service.
  • Scale Out when you need to.
  • Pay As You Go usage model.

AWS Lambda

  • Serverless Computing.
  • Off load peaks in application demands.
  • Develop and deploy .Net C# from within Visual Studio.
  • Pay As You Go usage model.

AWS Kinesis

  • Process data streams in realtime.
  • Build multiple applications to operate on your streams at the same time.
  • Detect anomalies and pre-process data fast.
  • Pay As You Go usage model.

Our AWS Developers top 10 list of the AWS features and benefits that they absolutely love

1. AWS Cloud computing provides multiple unique services - some of them free to use!

Of course AWS provides servers for hosting, but it doesn't stop there.

You can pay for servers and a multitude of AWS features on a Pay As You Go basis.

That makes things very affordable; but it's the AWS Free Tiers we like most. It lets you try things out without committing budget.

That's a real benefit for a technology firm and for businesses who want to try things out first.

Want to see what the Amazon email service is like? Just try it!

Want to experiment with Lambda and server-less computing?  Just try it!

2. The range of AWS compute instances lets you find the server instance that is right for your application.

There are a wide range of AWS compute instances made available. And each one can be fine-tuned to your exact needs.

Again this means you can try things out; if it's not right then simply adjust and try again.

There is lots of Amazon advice on what each instance is right for, but the flexibility to adjust as you need means you don't have to be right first time. That's important in a dynamic, fast moving business.

AWS gives you room to develop your thoughts, your understanding and your business.

3. Local disk storage options for your Servers and there is even Cloud Storage for dumping your data into.

Choose the size of the SSDs you need locally connected to your server instance, or opt for provisioned IOPS when you have an exacting specification.

And where you don't need SSDs you can opt for conventional HDD Volumes via EBS.

And when you need to archive data, the Amazon cloud storage service, Simple Storage Service (S3), is there to be used.

4. AWS supports multiple database technologies, so it doesn't matter what you like, it's covered.

Whether you are an Oracle fan, MySQL advocate or a Microsoft SQL Server devotee - AWS has it covered.

Not only that but you could opt for RDS.

If you need a fully managed Database service, then look at RDS - it takes away a huge Admin burden and lets you concentrate on your application.

5.If you need great Management tools then AWS comes with Cloud Watch, allowing you to monitor, monitor, monitor.

It couldn't be easier to manage your AWS environment.

Want to check your Disk IO queue? Easy!

Need to check on whether your instance has enough compute power? Simple!

AWS Cloud Watch is there to monitor, and it does so in a clear and easy to see way.

6. Data stream analysis becomes an affordable reality.

If you have streams of data coming in from a web service then it can be almost impossible to monitor it for certain events. But not with Kinesis.

AWS Kinesis gives you the power to look at data streams in near real time. You don't have to store and then analyse. Instead you can have multiple Kinesis functions operating on the same data stream.

Giving you the instant reactions that your business needs.

7. If moving to a Pay As You Go model scares you then you'll love Cost Explorer.

The Amazon Cost Explorer gives you advice on where you could be saving money, we like that a lot.

With a range of reports you can even predict the future costs that your setup is likely to cost.

So if you are concerned about the costs of an on demand model, then don't be.

You've never been in so much control of your costs with AWS.

8. Lambda is a stunning technology, allowing you to adopt a severless approach to computing.

Amazingly Lamba functions can be invoked with a simple call and Amazon will run your code on its servers! All you need do, is make sure you pass the in the amount of memory you want to use.

All you pay for is for execution.

That means you can cope with spikes in demand without the need to have a server in reserve. Instead you just use Lambda! We think that is stunning.

9. Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), give you scale up options at your fingertips.

Spinning up a new instance is just a matter of configuration, so when you need to increase compute power, it's just a matter of deciding how much you need.

And don't forget with AWS, you can even play around at the Free Tier levels.

10. De-risked Costs.

With an On Demand, Pay As You Go, business model you can simply dial up the performance you need.

And if your AWS instance configurationis stable then opt for a AWS reserved instance: they can be around 40% cheaper.

Make sure your business systems can grow and scale with our AWS Development Services.

Get in touch today to ensure your cloud systems are designed to deliver great results.