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COVID-19 Disruption Support - if you need to get online fast

With the sudden and forced closure of many businesses around the UK we have decided to offer a FREE service to get you taking orders AND payments online while your business is closed to walk in customers.

Call or email to get things moving. Tel: 01786 430076 Email:

Many businesses have not fully went online because it's not their thing. That's ok. But now many businesses have no choice. if you are a business owner who needs to get online fast or improve their online presence we'd like to help.

We can get you up and running fast with the simplest of websites so you can get things moving. You could be taking orders online in a couple of days and taking payments with ease. We use an ecommerce platform called Shopify to do that.

What we will do for you...

  • We'll take your logo
  • We'll take your address
  • We'll take your name
  • we'll take your products
  • and put them into our Shopify template

All you have to do...

  • Follow our instructions to sign up for Shopify with your own details
  • Enter your credit card details in Shopify so they can host
  • Complete details on Shopify so your customers can pay you

How much will this cost you...

  • There is a modest monthly cost from Shopify
  • In most cases we won't charge you anything, as long as we think your not asking for anything to tricky or excessive

How do Objective Associates make any money on this...

  • We'll get a modest commission from Shopify - that's all we want in most cases
  • If we think you are asking for something that we can't do for free we'll tell you very quickly
  • But our aim is to give you a chance to move online with no risk and little cost

Call us or email to get things moving. Tel: 01786 430076 Email:

What is Shopify?

It's a very well known ecommerce solution for retailers. We've used it for years. It's easy to use and low cost. You can find out more by clicking on the image below.

We use Shopify to build websites, in some cases we're building pub and restaurant websites for FREE.

Shopify integration