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eBay UK catalogue lookup tool

eBay have been increasing the number of items in their catalogue. If your items are in the catalogue, you'll need to find out key pieces of information in order that you can list effectively. This eBay lookup tool helps you do that by search the UK eBay catalogue.

(i) Enter your search terms and we'll search the eBay catalogue for matches.

(ii) Feel free to enter either Keywords, or an EAN/UPC, or an MPN, OR if you already have the EPID enter it and we will search by that instead.

(iii) If you enter terms into more than one field we'll search for each field in turn until we get a set of results back. But if you enter an EPID we'll only use that to search the catalogue.

(iv) eBay will return the EPID, GTIN, EAN/UPC/ISBN, MPN, Title, Brand and even a thumbnail image if available.

(v) The results will be emailed to you.


eBay's Product Based Shopping Experience.
Make sure you can add your products to the eBay catalogue correctly.

What is eBay's Product Based Shopping Experience?

eBay have steadily been building a product catalogue. The idea behind it is to give the customer a more consistent shopping experience. Ultimately sellers will need to list items against the master listing in the eBay catalogue.

Abbreviated to PBSE, the catalogue is being extended all the time. Depending on the category, or brand, you are selling against you'll be expected to list under the catalogue listing.

Do I still need to create my own eBay listing if an item is in the catalogue?

You'll still need to create a product listing, with all the content, bullets & images you would normally.

When a customer searches your item, they will be presented with the master catalogue listing. They can then drill down to find your listing.

How do I find out if I need to list against an eBay catalogue item?

eBay are publishing the categories and brands that must be in the catalogue. However, if you enter the details of your product into the search fields of our eBay catalogue lookup tool, we'll go check for you.

If we don't get any results back then that normally means that the item is currently not in the catalogue. Though sometimes it might mean that we have had a rogue reply from eBay.

How does your eBay catalogue look up tool work?

By entering your search terms into one or more of the fields we'll ask eBay if it is in their catalogue.

If your search is wide, and returns a lot of results, then the results will be limited to the first 50 listings returned. You can then tighten up your search by adding in more search terms.

There weren't any results returned, what does that mean?

If the search results in no listings behind returned then that could mean that the item is not in the eBay catalogue at present.

Or it could mean that your search terms are too narrow. Reduce the number of search terms, or make them more general, and try again.

eBay catalogue listing tool


eBay catalogue lookup tool

  • Query the eBay catalogue
  • Find out if your products are in the catalogue
  • Find the EPID that eBay are using for your products
  • Get ready to meet eBay's PBSE guidelines

What's the difference between an eBay Listing ID and an EPID?

The eBay Listing ID reference is the number given to your specific listing on eBay. Whereas the EPID, or eBay Product Identifier, is the reference given to the master eBay catalogue entry.

How to find an EPID?

To list successfully on the eBay catalogue you'll need to find the EPID - the eBay Product Identifier.

To find the EPID, simply enter the Keywords, or EAN, or MPN into the search boxes of our eBay catalogue lookup tool and select "Find It".

We will show the matching EPID references for the search terms you enter, as well as other useful product reference information.

eBay expects listings to follow their PBSE guidelines.
Use our eBay catalogue look up tool to get your listings ready.

Can I add new products to the catalogue?

eBay expect retailers to add their products to the catalogue if they are not there. The idea is that the size of the catalogue grows fast and that eBay moves to PBSE as quickly as possible.

When your item is added it may be added with modifications, so it's important to check that the additions are acceptable to you.

If the description in the eBay catalogue is wrong can I change it?

You can request changes to catalogue entries, eBay will advise you on whether or not the change was accepted.

The tool says that I have no more searches left, why?

We have limited the number of searches you can make in one day. This is to allow us to assess the tool and to see if it is providing a useful service for you.

Is there as way to do bulk uploads using your tool?

The tool on these pages is free to use. if you would like to do larger uploads please get in touch and we can discuss your exact requirements.

Why do you ask for my email address?

We ask for your email address in order that we can do two things.

(1) We will send you the results of the search so that you can review the information at your leisure, expecially if it takes a long time to get the search results back from eBay.

(2) And we'd also like to keep in touch, we expect to enhance the eBay look up tool, and would like to let you know when we do.

Can you help me list my items?

We have a full range of software and consultancy services.

We can create and optimise your listings to ensure your sales potential is maximised.

Our software allows you to list, process orders and manage multiple marketplaces. Get in touch to find out more, +44 (0) 01786 430076.