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The Microsoft .NET framework is a powerful programming environment that allows skilled Microsoft programmers and Microsoft developers to produce robust, scalable and cost effective solutions for businesses who need to develop business solutions quickly.

The Microsoft .NET development team at Objective Associates have significant skills in the development and enhancement of .NET and applications. Call us now on 01786 430076 to find out how we can help with your .NET software project. We can take your project from concept through to deployment as we have for a range of clients throughout the UK, or you can elect to use us as a part of your team whether "on site" at your premises or as remote .Net capability from our Microsoft software development offices in the heart of Scotland in Stirling.

Using Mircosoft Visual Studio and SQL Server our .NET developers harness the power of the Microsoft development environment to build extranet, intranet and internet website systems. Regardless of your preferred programming language "VB","c#" or any of the c language family our team have the expertise to help your business succeed.

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Using SOAP & XML to communicate with customers and partners

To ensure your business can interface easily and quickly to your clients, suppliers and business partners we utilise various industry communication standards. 

XML is a structured mark up language that allows our Microsoft .NET development team to develop the messaging systems you need - XML messaging that is reliable and maintainable. Building sophisticated message interfaces is now possible in a fraction of the time that was previously the case. SOAP is one example of a popular interface or protocol that allows businesses to talk to each other over the internet using XML.

Our .NET developers are experienced in identifying the most cost effective method of exchanging data between you and your customers or partners. Call us for Microsoft .NET and advice, XML & SOAP assistance and SQL server support on 01786 430076.

XML and SOAP experts

Call us at our Stirling, Scotland .NET development office to find out how your systems can benefit from XML SOAP and open standards.
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Cloud development

With significant Cloud Development skills we can help at all points of your Cloud project.
Expert in resolving Cloud performance issues we will ensure you get the support and hands on help you need to grow your business on the cloud.

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